Shrayati Areca Leaf Heart Shape Bowls, 5 Inch, Pack of 25 Pcs.

Rs. 299.00
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Product Details:

TOUGH AND SOLID: Shrayati Bowls are built strong and leak-proof, no matter what cutlery one uses on them. People could dine using cutlery like forks and knives as well. Unlike other plates that are made from leaves, these plates are built sturdy and therefore there is no problem of leakage or breaking. We manufacture plates in a manner where the plates do not break with the weight of the food. Also, since they don’t bend or break easily, one can conveniently put them on their laps or comfortably hold them on their palms.

NATURALLY-MADE ONE-TIME USE PLATES: Since Shrayati Areca Leaf Heart Shape Bowls are made from fallen leaves, there is no danger of any kind of chemicals being used. The leaves are properly cleaned and dried, after which they heat-pressed in order to make the perfect plate with defining strength. Throughout the manufacturing process, we refrain from using any kind of resins, chemicals or synthetic products. Our plates are environment-friendly and natural, which means, that your food remains unadulterated and fresh. 

CLASSY PLATES THAT SPEAK STYLE: Shrayati Areca Leaf Heart Shape Bowls are designed in a manner which gives it a very raw and rustic feel. These bowls give it a wooden-touch feel and are ideal for occasions like birthdays, house parties, weddings, picnics, camps, family get-togethers etc. The texture adds to the beauty of the plate making it look classy. The plates can also be placed into microwaves without fear and can be used to serve hot as well as cold food, food with gravy, dry snacks, ice-cream etc.

GO GREEN. SAY NO TO PLASTIC: Plates made from plastic do more harm than good. Since it’s even made from chemical products, one needs to be careful while using them. Plus, it takes over 1000 years for plastic to fully decompose. Hence, this makes our bowls the best choice, as you are not just doing good to the environment, but also saving yourself from indirectly consuming harmful substances. Our plates are made from palm tree leaves and thus are biodegradable and easily compostable. A single Bowls takes one 50-100 days to fully degrade. Post degradation, the leaf mixes with the round like a normal leaf.