Shrayati Areca Leaf Heart Shape Bowls, 6 Inch, Pack of 25 Pcs.

Rs. 299.00
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Biodegradability - Every small step towards the conservation of nature is beneficial for it. The areca nut leaf products are eco-friendly as well as biodegradable. You can dig the product after use in the soil of your backyard and it will biodegrade within 6-8 weeks, enriching the soil.

Hygiene - These bowls are organic and made of 100% natural products. There is absolutely no usage of chemical, binders, glue or extra coating in the process of its making.

Disposability & Usability - These bowls work well with both of these peculiarities. As the bowls are of superior quality, one can even wash and reuse it. Moreover, as they are made by the composition of palm leaves, they can be disposed of as well.

Durability & Leakproof - The leaves of the Areca nut palm tree get compressed by the hydraulic press machine to form a sturdy bowls. You can serve hot food as they are heat durable too, without worrying about its leak.

Microwavable - Why worry about eating your favorite food unheated when you can use the bowl directly to microwave and also freeze them.