Shrayati Bamboo Toothbrush, S Curve, Pack of 4

Rs. 229.00
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BIODEGRADABLE: Made from bamboo, Shrayati’s toothbrush is devoid of any chemicals, plastics or additional toxins. Shrayati ensures that the bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Manufactured by causing zero harm to the environment, these brushes are an ideal choice for everyday use!

STURDIER THAN PLASTIC: Although, one may feel that plastic is stronger and that the bamboo may break, but that is a wrong notion. In fact, bamboo is stronger and sturdier than plastic and tends to last longer without any breakage or splinters.

ERGONOMICAL IN DESIGN: The handle is ergonomically designed to provide ease and convenience. The handle is splinter-free and possesses smooth edges makes it easier for the person to use. The handle is water-resistant and ensures durability.

EFFECTIVE: The toothbrush is built effectively in order to remove plaque as well as stains that are visible on the surface. The bristles are placed in such a way that they easily reach those deep areas and clean them with precision. Bamboo also proves to be anti-bacterial.