Shrayati Face Tissue Box, 200 Pulls, Pack of 3 Pcs.

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Product Details:

SKIN-FRIENDLY: A lot of tissues do have hard surfaces which can damage the soft skin of your face. But not Shrayati! Our 2-ply facial tissues are manufactured with care so that your skin remains safe and unharmed. Made extremely soft, these facial tissue papers can be used on children as well as adults. Made from 100% natural virgin paper, Shrayati is the best buy as it does not irritate the skin at all. 

HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Shrayati’s facial tissues are made from 2-ply soft papers which are also highly absorbent in nature. It easily absorbs any sort of oil and sweat that may remain on the skin. Due to its highly absorbent property, Shrayati’s facial tissues can also be used in emergencies like to wipe and clean hands, kitchen counters, surfaces, etc. This paper can also be used for arts and crafts projects. Shrayati’s tissue papers come to the rescue and easily help you clean your face and give you a fresh look. 

CLASSY AND SOPHISTICATED: Shrayati’s facial tissue paper packets can be placed anywhere. Whether it is your room, dining table, hall, office, car, kitchen etc, they help solve the purpose of cleaning up your face. They are even ideal for wedding use as they are beautiful and create a lasting impression. Since they are plain white and not tacky in colour, it proves to match any and every occasion. After a long day of running around, all you need to do is use Shrayati’s facial tissues to clean up the sweat and you are again good to go. The tissue papers come with an anti-dust shield and easy-to-carry packaging.

USED ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Whether one is at home, traveling in a car or public transport, hiking, at work, attending lectures, meetings, weddings, family function etc, these facial tissues come handy as they easily wipe the sweat away from your face. Its absorbent features also help to clean oily face and make you look fresh and well-presented. You may keep it in your purse or carry-bag, hotel reception or restaurants… Shrayati’s facial tissues shall always be of help.  From weddings to house parties and cars to corporate offices, they can be placed anywhere. These 2-ply facial tissues help in cleansing your skin properly and keeping it supple. Shrayati’s tissue papers are free from any kind of optical brightening agent (OBA).