Shrayati Jute Shopping Bags, Pack of 1

Rs. 299.00
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HUGE CAPACITY: Shrayati’s Jute Carry Bags are built big in order to get all your groceries and home items in one bag. You could place cold drink bottles, bread loaves and whatnot, and it would still hold a place for you to put in other items. This is the perfect shopping bag you need!

STRONG & DURABLE: Unlike the plastic bags that have the tendency to tear off when it gets heavy, this jute bag does not give up so easily. Built stronger and to last longer these jute bags can carry heavy items within it without tearing off from anywhere easily.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Shrayati’s Jute Carry Bags are a 100% recyclable item and completely eco-friendly. They are manufactured in a manner where zero harm is caused to the environment.These jute bags are the best way to reduce the usage of plastic bags and also the carbon footprint.

MULTI-USAGE: Apart from just getting your groceries, one can use this bag for a great number of purposes. One can use it as a tote bag to carry their belongings, just like a purse. Or it could even act as your laundry bag. One can take it to the beach or use it for travelling and it tends to solve so many purposes.