Shrayati Neem Wood Shower Comb, Pack of 1

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Our hair is often said to be the natural beauty crown and hence all of us want it to be healthy and perfect. But it goes without saying that our scalp and hair are always prone to a wide range of hair problems such as dullness, roughness, dandruff flakes or scalp buildup, hair thinning, frizziness, hair fall, and other such concerns. Each of these problems is caused by various reasons and they all often differ from person to person. For some people, the cause may be their everyday stress; while for others, the reasons might range from improper diets to being exposed to dirt and pollution. When too severe, not only do these problems bring down our confidence but also leave us embarrassed and uncomfortable. For instance, dandruff flakes on our shoulders or dresses.

The wide-toothed neem wooden comb is handcrafted in India with 100% long neem wood. Combs made of other materials conduct static electricity which makes our hair look frizzy and dull. But since wood cannot conduct electricity, a wooden comb saves your hair from static damage and is far more gentle on our hair. The tips of our wooden neem comb are rounded and well polished. This makes sure that there are no nicks and cuts on your scalp which eventually prevents dandruff buildup. Apart from that, the medicinal properties of neem also help to boost growth and blood circulation in our scalps. Lastly, its wide tooth ensures your hair is easily detangled.

It is suitable for all hair types and for people of all ages. One can use it to brush both dry and wet hair.