Shrayati Paper Cups, 65 ml, Pack of 300 Pcs.

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 299.00
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THICK & STURDY: The paper that Shrayati uses to make the tea cups is extremely thick and therefore does not bend easily or gets squished while holding it. Sturdy in nature, it is able to retain its shape without causing inconvenience by breaking or tearing.

RECYCLABLE: Shrayati’s paper cups are the perfect solution to the environment. They are made from paper which makes them 100% recyclable. These disposable cups are the best replacement for glass or even plastic cups that cause harm to the environment.

PREMIUM PAPER: Our paper cups are made from the finest paper that is exactly why people keep choosing us. We make use of premium food-grade paper.

       We are deeply concerned with the state of our Mother Nature. In order to not cause more damage to the environment, we have come up with this eco-friendly initiative where we provide our customers with products that cause no harm to the environment. Shrayati is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality products and premium services. With a strong belief in consumer satisfaction, we provide products that benefit the customers.