Shrayati Paper Straw, 10 mm, Pack of 150 Pcs.

Rs. 299.00
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 Paper Straw

STRONG & LEAK-PROOF: Shrayati’s paper straws are made from premium quality paper that doesn’t easily get affected by liquids. The paper that is used for the straws is sturdy and leak-proof, which makes it easy to consume liquid through the straw. 

BIODEGRADABLE & ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Ditch plastic and do your bit for Mother Nature by making use of biodegradable items. Paper straws from Shrayati are a 100% environment-friendly.

VARIOUS COLOURS & SIZES: Bright and bubbly, Shrayati provides you with various colour options so that you can pick out the perfect set for your theme. Spoiling you with choices, create a colourful impression with Shrayati’s paper straws that come in various sizes. The paper straws are of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Pick what suits your needs best!