Shrayati Perlite, Pack of 3 Kg

Rs. 749.00
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 Perlite,Plants's Food

MODIFIES SOIL: Fertilizer’s main aim is to help the soil become more effective. In fact, they are the main source of nutrients for any plants. From time-to-time, soil required food so that it can sustain the plant. Hence Shrayati’s perlite is used to enhance the soil.

PORUS IN NATURE: Perlite comes with cavities that store all the nutrients and moisture in the plant. They also drain the excess water away, making it extremely useful for the roots to only get access of as much water as needed.

LIGHT-WEIGHT: Since it is extremely light in weight, it is considered to be an excellent medium for seed starting as well as rooting cuttings. The fine stems as well are not crushed which makes it ideal for plants that are extremely delicate. 

ECO-FRIENDLY: As an environment-conscious brand, Shrayati has always provided environmental-friendly products. The perfect alternative to artificial fertilizers, Shrayati’s perlite is a 100% eco-friendly.