Shrayati Ripple Paper Cups, 250 ml, Pack of 50 Pcs.

Rs. 329.00
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TOP-QUALITY PAPER: Shrayati’s Ripple Paper Cups are made from the finest paper. In fact, these cups come with heat insulation that makes it easier to hold the cup even when there is hot beverage inside of it. The cups make use of high-quality food-grade paper and are strong enough to hold the beverage without bending or breaking down.

MULTI-PURPOSE AND TRAVEL SIZE:  These ripple paper cups are built in different sizes and ratios in order to help you serve any beverage of your liking. They are made to serve coffee, tea, cold drinks or any other liquid that you may wish to serve. In fact, the cup is designed in a manner which can hold hot liquids up to 203F.

BIODEGRADABLE & RECYCLABLE: The perfect substitute for glass and plastic cups, these ripple coffee paper cups are the perfect solution to environmental pollution. The paper which is used to make the cups are 100% recyclable. These disposable cups are the best replacement for glass or even plastic cups that cause harm to the environment.