Shrayati Silver Coated Paper Plates, 7 Inch, Pack of 50 Pcs.

Rs. 169.00
05% Extra Off on all Prepaid Orders

ECONOMIC: Instead of buying plastic plates or any other kind of plates which are higher priced, why not go for something that classy yet economic. Shrayati’s silver coated paper plates are budget-friendly as they come in bulk for a very reasonable price.

IDEAL FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Why unnecessarily go through the trouble of washing plates when Shrayati’s silver coated paper plates can easily do the trick. Serve snacks and other edibles at your party or gatherings in these exquisite and shiny silver coated paper plates. From house gatherings to weddings and receptions, these paper plates can be used anywhere and everywhere.

BIODEGRADABLE & RECYCLABLE: Ditch the plastic and do your bit for Mother Nature by making use of biodegradable items. Silver coated paper plates from Shrayati are a 100% environment-friendly and don’t harm nature in any manner.