Shrayati Sugarcane Bagasse Round Plates, 12 Inch, Pack of 25 Pcs.

Rs. 399.00
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BETTER ALTERNATIVE: Compared to glass and plastic tableware, Shrayati’s sugarcane bagasse tableware is a greener and a better alternative. Forget the breaking of tableware or tearing of it, with the sugarcane sets.

STRONG AND DURABLE: Unlike glass tableware that can easily break upon banging and plastic tableware that causes harm to the environment as well as are prone to break with weight, this sugarcane-built tableware is surely sturdier, holding your food properly, without disturbing it or causing you any trouble.

ECO-FRIENDLY: As an environment-conscious brand, Shrayati has always provided environmental-friendly products. The perfect alternative to plastic and glass tableware, Shrayati’s sugarcane bagasse tableware is a 100% eco-friendly and also biodegradable.

VARIETY: With umpteen number of choices, you can now have your own personalized tableware with different sized plates, Bowls, food trays and whatnot. A complete set in itself, Shrayati’s sugarcane bagasse tableware is all you need to go green.