Shrayati Tissue Paper Napkins, 1 Ply, 28 x 30 cm, 600 Napkins, Pack of 6

Rs. 499.00 Rs. 389.00
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HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Shrayati brings you the most absorbent tissues that can be easily used to absorb water, oil and other gravy/liquid items. Apart from that, one can also wipe and clean their hands, kitchen counters, surfaces, etc. This paper can also be used for your arts and crafts project. Imagine a mess on the table and you need to save it from spreading? Shrayati’s tissue papers come to the rescue and easily help you clean up the mess.

CLASSY AND SOPHISTICATED: The packet can be placed anywhere, be it your room, dining table, hall, office, car, kitchen etc. No matter where its placed, it always solved its purpose. They are also ideal for wedding use as they are beautiful and create a lasting impression. Since they are plain white and not tacky in colour, it proves to match any and every occasion.

LIGHT IN WEIGHT: Shrayati’s Best Tissue Papers are built from premium quality paper that ensures they are thin and not heavy. In order to carry the tissue papers with ease, the tissue papers are manufactured to be extremely light and handy. Also, they are thin which means that they can be easily placed in a holder.

EASILY DISPOSABLE: Shrayati’s cleaning napkins are made to be used and thrown away. These disposable napkins prevent germs and maintain hygiene. This can ideally be used for parties and large gatherings. Compared to cloth napkins that need to be washed constantly, these disposable tissue work best as the germs are gotten rid of.