Shrayati Toilet Paper Roll, 10 x 10 cm, Pack of 6 Pcs.

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SOFT & SAFE: Shrayati’s Toilet Paper is made from 2-ply and hence is known for its softness and durability. The toilet papers are made from 100% Recycled Paper. No sort of dyes, inks, or fragrances have been added, which makes it fully natural and safe to use.

LIGHT IN WEIGHT: Shrayati’s Toilet Paper is built from premium quality paper that ensures they are thin and not heavy. They are manufactured to be extremely light and handy. Also, they are thin which means that they can be easily placed in a holder.

PREMIUM QUALITY PAPER: With Shrayati’s Toilet Papers, you can now create a classy impression. These premium quality papers are sure to create a lasting impression. They can be the best option for house parties or weddings as well as they could also be used for crafting projects.

ABSORBENT & MULTI-PURPOSE: The 2-ply toilet papers are extremely absorbent which makes it easier to clean up. They are also septic-safe and well-suited with low-flow toilets in RVs and campers. Toilet Papers from Shrayati are idea for away-from-home situations as well. They are designed for facilities such as offices, corporate buildings, kitchens, restaurants, schools, hotels, healthcare etc.