Shrayati Vermicompost, Pack of 5 Kg

Rs. 399.00
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NUTRIENT-RICH SUPPLEMENT: Shrayati’s vermicompost is commonly used in home gardening. It is considered to be a nutrient-rich organic supplement that is mostly used for the fast and healthy growing of plants.

IMPROVES SOIL: Good soil is the basis for a healthy plant. Shrayati’s vermicompost helps to improvise the soil. At the same it also aerates the soil through some natural process where the soil becomes self-sufficient and moisture-rich.

ORGANIC: Many companies make use of artificial fertilizers and nutrients which can be detrimental to the soil and the plant. But not Shrayati! Vermicompost from Shrayati is a 100% organic with no mixing of any other artificial, detrimental substances.

ECO-FRIENDLY: As an environment-conscious brand, Shrayati has always provided environmental-friendly products. The perfect alternative to artificial fertilizers, Shrayati’s vermicompostis a 100% eco-friendly.