Shrayati Vermiculite, Pack of 3 Kg

Rs. 499.00
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NATURAL MINERAL: Shrayati’s vermiculite is made from natural minerals that are extracted and obtained from particular kind of rocks. When the vermiculite is mixed with the soil in the pot, it helps the plant to grow better as the soil is enhanced with nutrients thanks to it.

NUTRIENTS IT HOLDS: Filled with rich nutrients, Shrayati’s vermiculite composes of magnesium, calcium, potassium, ammonium, etc. All these are highly essential for plant growth. Understanding this better, Shrayati’s vermiculite is considered to be extremely wholesome. 

ALLOWS AERATION: Shrayati’s vermiculite is used as soil amendment mainly because they provide better aeration and root growth is also promoted at the same time. It even reduces watering frequency and enhances the roots to spread better.

ECO-FRIENDLY: As an environment-conscious brand, Shrayati has always provided environmental-friendly products. The perfect alternative to artificial fertilizers, Shrayati’s vermicompostis a 100% eco-friendly.