Shrayati Wooden Small Bowls, Pack of 4

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SERVING BOWL: Serve deliciously scrumptious food in Shrayati’s Wooden Bowls! Sized generously, you can serve large quantities of food on the dinner table. They are perfectly built to serve any kind of food that you may have prepared. From gravy to salads and puddings to pulses, you may use it for any edible source

ELEGANTLY CRAFTED: Be it dinner parties or family get-togethers, these bowls add a little sophistication to the setup. Unlike cooking vessels, Shrayati’s Wooden Bowls serves the purpose of looking elegant and carrying large quantities of food from the kitchen to the table.

100% ORGANIC & ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from wood Shrayati’s Wooden Bowls are a perfect choice for everyone. Shrayati ensures that the bowls are biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Manufactured by causing zero harm to the environment, these bowls are an ideal choice!

EASY TO HANDLE: Made with care and crafted to perfection, they don’t break on falling and are also very simple to look after. A simple soap wash helps in keeping the bowls clean.